Bing Launches Social Sidebar and Snapshot

Bing has re-launched their search engine today and it will certainly change the way the normal internet user make use of search on the web. In order to have better grip in the search engine, which was earlier dominated by Google, Bing will integrate the social features of Twitter and Facebook into their search results. Bing has been able to gain significant share of the search market, which was mainly overshadowed by Google. The new system of Bing will feature three columns, like the Facebook has. On the left side, there will be blue links, which is standard with Bing. The center area, which is known as snapshot is committed to the completing different tasks like making reservations, purchasing movie tickets or getting directions etc. The sidebar column towards the right is the place where the users of the Facebook, who are logged in, will witness the testimonials taken from the friends of each user of Facebook. The users of Bing will be able to pose questions to their friends on Facebook from the results page.

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