Clickable vs. Credible title – Which one would you prefer

Catching readers’ attention gets much easier if they come across some instantly eye-catching headline. A lot of emphasis is put on this aspect when it comes to increasing number of clicks. But how would you feel if not one of those thousands of users ended up increasing the conversion? It would seem all the hard work put into crafting an attractive headline was in vain and a waste of time. Today the competition for getting oneself noticed on internet is getting stiffer, because billions of people are posting new content every day. But when it comes to a ‘credible’ and ‘clickable’ title, what would be your pick? Lets us draw a comparison. Recipe for ‘clickable’ titles Headlines are arguably an important part of any piece of content. In fact studies show that the ratio of efforts and energy devoted for devising body and the title is 80:20. Though it may seem a little exaggerated but the truth is a bad or even a boring headline can reduce traffic. Here is what experts have to say about it: First of all, play with reader’s psychologically. Words like ‘free’, ‘weird’, ‘secret’ are psychological triggers that spark a sense of curiosity and a need to read the material. Use words that readers could not wait to read. Headlines that are in interrogative form such as ‘can you lose weight in just five days’, also do wonders in attracting traffic. After coming across something like this, readers are likely to ask themselves whether they can do it or not. They are more likely to click on the link to check it out. Statements like ‘things you should have known about college’, may although seem ridiculous at first. But these are the kinds of statements that usually tend to generate a lot of traffic. Their narrative nature gets readers instantly hooked on, as they feel compelled to read the full story. If we had to reveal the formula in short, then it would entail using trigger words followed by adjective, then the keyword and in the end a promise. That is the recipe to creating clickable headlines. Many readers don’t even realize how intelligently jumbled words are giving theman idea of a promise. title When do headlines enter the danger zone? Such headlines enter the danger zone when those perfect sounding titles are not backed by the equally promising story in the end. If the content fails to have depth or quality to back them, the titles are likely to fail. It sounds more like tantalizing the readers with a promise which they will never actually get. The condition has become so worse that readers have actually become immune to headlines that sound too good to be true. Even the most renowned websites that were easily able to attract high traffic are now working on finding newer and better ways of correcting their headline techniques. It is not like they are completely getting rid of clickbaits, it just means they have realized that old tactics are only making readers frustrate. Therefore, websties are trying to come with new tactics to engage customer and increase the number of clicks. Attracting traffic has become so crucial that brands are not afraid to go to any lengths to realize this goal. But what we discussed initially is that we don’t just want traffic, we want ‘quality’ traffic. We want clicks from those people who are likely to build strong relationship with the brand in the long run. We want the type of traffic that will boost conversion. Clickable headlines are good, but they also have a certain risk associated with them. Going too far with a title may alienate your loyal fans. Understanding the science of headlines Make sure to strike a balance while creating a headline that would attract all types of traffic versus quality customers. Although different individuals may have different and strong opinions about this whole credible and clickable thing, you might want to ask yourself a few questions before developing a headline. Ask for your own opinion with the questions like ‘Are clickbaits eroding the trust of readers’. If it is, is it likely to affect your bottom line? A next good question is to see if you are willing to sacrifice one thing for another. Are these two elements mutually exclusive or is it possible to make it both credible and clickable? Do you believe in a formula for a perfection headline? What things do you keep in mind while creating one? Is the clickable going to affect how a reader would perceive the article? Did you ever feel cheated by similar style of writing and did it affect your behavior about those types of headline style in future? To what lengths are you willing to go to attract traffic? Do ask yourself all these questions, because the answers may give you a good idea regarding the approach to follow.

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