Commonly asked questions about the internationalization of sites on Google

Not many people still know that Google has an official document for users who have queries regarding the internationalization of their website. The FAQ page has been designed to help web masters make their websites popular worldwide. Answers to questions like ‘what kind of structure is the best to be used for a multilingual website?’ and other (given below) are highly useful for thoroughly understanding the guidelines. Apart from that, some of the other frequently asked questions are: Can automated translations be used for the websites? Is it good to use Meta tags to specify language of a page? For Geo-targeting, is it necessary to provide server location? What are the best options to target entire world for my website? Can same be used to target different English speaking countries, separately? Can non ASCII or non-English URLs be used for targeting international public? These and many more questions are listed on the page with appropriate answers. In fact, the page has been written himself by John Mueller (a Google web master trends analyst). So, if you are looking to boost up your website on an international level and have any questions regarding it, just go to the page!

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