Confusion building over Google’s penguin update

In a recent interview, Google’s John Mueller was asked a question regarding penguin updates. Answering to that, John replied,” Penguin is updated on a more regular cycle but not always announced.” So, does that mean Google is updating the penguin database without announcing? No, Google has nullified the possibilities of any such confusion. One of Google’s representatives has said that John was not talking about the Penguin algorithm, but was referring to general link updates. In fact, Google has not pushed any penguin update since October, 2012 (Penguin update 3). The representatives also confirmed that they carry out the panda updates on a regular basis, but not these penguin updates. Panda updates, as we already know, are carried out on a monthly basis now. The last penguin update is due within the coming couple of days, keeping in mind that the last update happened almost a month ago. Google+

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