Custom CMS vs. Open Source Platforms- Clash Of The Titans!

Making a Content Management System (CMS) is one of the trickiest decisions that you need to make while getting a website built. People are often baffled between the open source options and custom CMS. If you too happen to stuck in such a dilemma, here is a quick guide to help yourself. What makes Custom CMS a wise choice?
  • Selecting custom-built CMS gives you an ideal opportunity to custom program the entire setup so that your website works exactly the way you want it. You might have certain needs and this custom-built system can be developed to match all your needs.
  • Custom-built CMS is only one time investment that keeps you away from the afterwards costs of maintenance. User-friendly backend management makes it even better for the developers.
  • The best part of using custom CMS development is that it offers you high level of customization and plug-in support. Graphical interface is used to prepare the content, instead HTML or any other technical skill.
  • Custom CMS also gives you the advantage of keeping your website content up to date for the users, whenever they visit. Moreover, you can change the entire look of your website with just few clicks, even on the move. All you need to have is connectivity with the internet.Open-Source-Versus-Hosted-CMS-Platforms
You cannot just ignore the open source options, here’s why-
  • Open source system is updated on regular basis by their communities in order to ensure that its improving and enhancing users experience as well. You can also seek help from large active community to solve your problems.
  • These content management systems are not locked into a single vendor and whenever needed, other developers can update or extend your website.
  • Integrated management is another advantage of using open source system, as technologies such as CIM and WBEM enable you to integrate and combine server, application, and server. Hence, it offers you efficient and better management.
  • The best part of the open source system is that you do not need to pay anything in order to use it, but still you may be able to seek support and updates.
Now, the choice is all yours to make. While the aforementioned points were to help you make a decision, you might also like to consider other associated concerns such as the cost effectiveness, ease of usage, functionality and so on before making a choice. Always remember both these options are equally good, but for different audiences!

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