Customized iPhone app development for your NYC based business can do wonders!

The rapid increase in the number of people using iPhones and iPad has given birth to a new area of business progress- iPhone applications. The Apple application store is heavily loaded with a variety of sophisticated apps customized according to different requirements of the users. Business owners have also jumped in this, and now getting iPhone app development done for their NYC based (or any other big city for that matter) businesses! Reason for that is very obvious- business growth. Here a brief look at how things happen during the development of an iPhone app: 1. Analysis of the project The development process starts with detailed analysis of the requirements provided by the client. 2. Feasibility study The main purpose of this study is to verify whether the project is technically viable or not? In this phase, the estimated cost is also revealed to the client. 3. Risk assessment There are many problems that may occur during the development process. That is why; risk assessment is done in advance to identify risks and the preventive measures. 4. Planning In this step, the developers identify methodologies and tools they will be using in the designing and development process. 5. Design and development It is this phase in which an idea is changed into reality as the code for an application will be generated. 6. Testing and Submission The generated code is given to the testers to check the performance and functionality of the application. If the code is tested successfully, it is handed over to the clients.

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