Definite Strategy For Fighting Negative SEO!

Forged content, irrelevant links and unnatural things on your site can cause negative impact for your business in terms of traffic, sales, and turnover. Being a victim to such attacks can’t be avoidable, but staying protected is possible, if necessary steps are taken. When black hat techniques are used, a site definitely gets harmed. Attackers do everything that violates Google policies in order to bring a site ranking and traffic down. Common negative ways, which impacts sites performance, are:
  • Bad links: Incoming of bad links from websites that are already in the bad list of Google causes penalties to the site receiving those links.
  • Unethical anchor text linking: Unnatural anchor text linking harms ranking and brings the site into bad books of Google. Such acts cause penalization to sites.
  • Creation of fake identity of company: Attackers make fake profiles of company that hinders the site’s ranking and traffic.
  • Negative use of 301 redirect: 301 redirect can also be used in a negative way that makes search engines think about penalization of those sites.
  • Wrong coding: Adding wrong code into source code of site penalizes and bans the site.
To determine the bad impact of SEO one can make use of variety of tools which are as follows: Google analytics: To make use of this tool, one needs to type their site URL in Google analytics, click on traffic button, and see in decrease of traffic. Google Webmaster Tools: Login into this tool and search how much traffic is coming on to your site by clicking search campaign button. Searchmetrics: Enter websites URL in search bar of Searchmetrics and see what graph depicts about your site traffic. SEMrush: Just like Searchmetrics tool, follow the same process to determine traffic coming towards the site. Besides these tools, a backlink audit helps to make judgement whether the site is victim of negative SEO or not. Another great tool to make analysis is by Majestic SEO. If you find that your site is attacked by negative SEO, here are certain measures to prevent site from those negativities:
  • All duplicate links coming on the above discussed tools needs to be removed and only one URL link should be kept.
  • Make use of tools like URL Profiler, CognitiveSEO, and Backlinks Monitor tools and find bad links in context to the site.
  • Submit the list of all those bad links into the Disavow Tool that are affecting your site’s ranking.
Despite of disavowing the links the site ranking and traffic might not get improved, this is where there comes the need of domain webmasters. They will be of great help as they can easily remove all irrelevant links coming towards the site. In addition, setting up of email alerts and reporting fake profiles is also an option to safeguard the site from getting penalized.

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