Did you just miss the Google’s recent updates? No worries, we have retread here!

Google, the search leader understands the importance of introducing new things, applications and utilities. This is what makes their professional always busy knocking the world of ‘search’ with nail-biting innovation. Recently, they introduced some new applications and utilities to his users around the world. If somehow you skipped any of them, here is a recap of few of them: Google realized that as it is being used all around the world by users from different ethnic background, different languages or scripts they want to use while searching something at Google. For example, if a user is Dutch, when he types bol, he must be trying to reach a website domain as www.bol.com, now if a user from India type bol, the result he gets will be relevant to its English translation i.e. ‘speak.’ Precisely, it is all about language account and navigational results will be more language relevant. Google will be using country identifications which means now Google is blessed with a system that will now use country identifications, means Google’s algorithm will detect which search is requested from which directory, which sub-domain. Beside this, there are many more changes that you might want to know which are of bit technical nature. Google will now be implementing diversity and anchor bug fixes, enhancements to search term scoring in ranking and many more. The most surprising fact here is these changes are made in twenty seven languages.

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