Do not fall a prey to over optimization and get penalized by Google

The advent of internet has triggered the importance of a well-represented website for every business, looking to market its business, services and information. It does not end here, as along with a website you also need it to rank high on the pages of various search engines in order to be readily viewed by its target audience. This not only requires a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy, but also unique content that appeals to the reader. Making a page appear in the local search results is also an imperative aspect of any search engine strategy. However, sometimes websites owners may go overboard resulting in over optimization of pages with keywords. The search engine is announced that it is going to penalize those websites with over optimized content. Websites with parked domains and those violating their quality guidelines will be bear up the worst of this search engine giant. Other instances include those websites with unnatural links. SEO experts believe that websites with unnatural links such as those derived from commercial link networks, agency link networks, sidebar links, anchor text heavy with keywords and sites that have become toxic are likely to be targeted. Therefore, if you are looking for shortcuts to spike your rankings, then it is time to rethink and consider strategies that will give long-term gains to your website rather than are penalized by Google.

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