Domain Migration Tips To Preserve Search Engine Rankings

With dramatic dips in the website performance because of old SEO marketing techniques, search engine optimizers have come up with new strategies considering the variety of performance indicators such as page-rank, traffic, ranking keywords and many more. Rebranding or domain migration is an attempt made to improve the ranking of website on SERP. Domain Migration Steps to improve ranking of website on SERP by rebranding or domain migration factor-
  1. Redirects- Transferring of old domain to new one is done by redirects step. Wide range of redirects is available amongst which 301 is best. The web page is relocated permanently to another page that also transfers ranking factor or link juice to the new page. Tools like Xenu Link Sleuth, Screaming Frog, and Integrity for Mac are used for redirecting the page to another site.
  2. Resubmit sitemap- With implementation of redirects step, next step is resubmitting of sitemap. It is done by making changes in Google and Bing Webmaster Tools. This makes crawlers update about the changes being made regarding the sitemap of a business.
  3. Directory listings- Amongst all SEO tactics, it is considered the best practice that helps visitors and search engines to find a website or domain. FourSquare, InfoGroup, Localeze,, City Search, and DMOZ are few directory listings use to update new address of a domain.
  4. Social media- SEO and SMO goes hand in hand. These two play a crucial role in website ranking. While Google will take time to index the new site, by this medium publicizing of the domain change is done that helps obtain organic traffic on new domain. In addition, with announcement of new domain by social media posts, it is also important to redirect social media links available on the old domain. Social media profiles that is used to publicize change in domain name includes Twitter, Facebook and Google +, but don’t neglect LinkedIn, Instagram, Blogger, YouTube.
  5. Analytics and Search Console Profiles- After the relocation of domain, tracking of traffic on specific domain from the relocated date is done. It is performed by providing annotation to Google Analytics and updating the settings in Google Search Console.
  6. Audit redirects- With completion of the aforementioned steps, it is important to examine the old and new domain. For verifying this, audit redirects function is performed by using the Screaming Frog web spider tool.

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