Do not call yourself a web developer unless you can handle Drupal

Drupal is pretty much the most complicated CMS out these with supposedly non user-friendly scripts and a nasty interface. It generally takes very long to get used to, and perhaps an eternity to master! However, it is not the complications that make Drupal the Everest for every web developer, rather it is the advantage, it offers. Once you’ve mastered Drupal, you possess the power of Thor! Ok, maybe not, but you can take advantage of these things:Drupal Functionality- A whole different level of it Graphic modification, and a host of superior management options, are a given, with Drupal Content- Bring it. Bring all of it. Text, Blogs, Videos, Polls, Podcasts, or anything else for that matter; Drupal will let you manage it all. The graphic management and content management features of Drupal are unmatched. Plugins- I want them all Even if one of the thousands of plugins available on the home website does not fit for you, remember its open source! You can always create your own. Support- Stuck…. Don’t worry! The home site has everything you need, and I mean everything. With options like chat, mailing list, guides, discussion boards, you will never go completely out of sorts.

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