E commerce for B2B, B2C and C2C

We live in a time, where every business has to have a strong online presence just to stand a chance to live up to everything that their competitors are throwing against them. You should not just try to make information related to your company available online, but if feasible, also make your products available online. E commerce is the heart and soul of each company, and regardless of whatever you run physical stores or not, e commerce is the more convenient, faster, and at this point deeply ingrained option for most consumers. It is of three types-E-commerce
  • B2B- Online portals like Cisco, where manufacturers deal with other manufacturers
  • B2C-Shopping sites like Amazon, where manufacturers sell their goods to the public directly.
  • C2C-Where people deal with other people and make direct transactions.
Here are some points that will help you create the perfect e-commerce platform-
  • 1. The site has to be error free. Find a good developer who excels in magneto, and PHP.
  • 2. If you have a separate main site, the e commerce website has to look different from it, and yet, not make the user feel as if he has landed in a totally different place altogether. The design and layout has to strike that balance perfectly.
  • 3. Give out all the necessary info about all products like description, user reviews, ratings and price.
  • 4. There are certain action buttons that consumers have gotten used to, on shopping websites like- payment options, add to cart, checkout, view descriptions, so make sure you give them what you want.

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