E-Commerce Website Design Tips

Are you planning to start an E-Commerce website? Or looking to increase the conversion rate of your already designed site? Well, in both the cases, here are some simple tips that can prove to be of great help –

  • Give the users full control of their shopping experience by using tools that allow them to customize their shopping (sort products, adjust number of products displayed per page, to name a few)

  • Do not forget to provide the users with a quick preview of the product. This can be the most effect way for increasing sale conversions

  • Never confuse the users in navigation. Be sure to have clear-cut navigation paths by clubbing the categories and sub-categories together. Using drop down menus can be a good option

  • Make the search option user friendly by adding autocomplete function to it as most of the users prefer to use the search option rather than getting confused while they navigate for the product

  • Give special emphasis to the shopping cart. Make it visible by using pop ups, optimize it using colors and designs that appear attractive to the customers

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