Effective ways to use Google+ to promote business

With changing advertising trends, Google+ has turned out to be the best marketing platform for businesses. It not just allows you to reach your audience, but helps in many other ways, which are not just useful for businesses, but essential. No other social platform has been able to provide what Google+ does, which is the number one reason why every business must have a page on this platform. 5 Google Plus Marketing Tips Here are five ways how Google+ helps promote businesses online: 1. Disable comments to uplift viewers attention Google+ is a great source of advertising. Numerous people are engaged with this social media site for various purposes, out of which the most common reason behind socializing on Google+ is to hog attention for one’s business. Business owners especially make use of this site to increase their list of clients. They can make use of their social media profile in any way to boost the flow of people engaged with the business. If you want to actually boost engagement, you might want to restrict commenting. By simply clicking on the upper right of the post, a drop down menu will come from where you can click on ‘disable comments’, and you are done. After closing it, you can use it to your benefits in more than one ways. In addition to this, people who have commented on the post can be added to your circle. 2. Hovercards- The key to good volumes of traffic Earlier commenting was a great source to engage people in a discussion. However, with the hovercards, enhancing engagements has been easier. Moreover, the need to post new content for building relationship and to drive traffic on site has been eliminated because hovercards has solved this purpose. In addition to hovercards, business owners have another effective way to engage people towards their business. This is by entering business related terms on search bars. A list of public posts, communities and Hangouts on Air of business would display. By jumping in community discussions and participating in Hangouts on Air, users can hover their or their business name, which is a great way of marketing the brand. 3. Queue up the content for maximum input Sharing content is good, but sharing it all is a bad way to socialize. Instead, content should be queued up and posted at the right time. 4. Claim Authorship of Your Content by Using Your Google+ Profile Google+ users have the advantage of linking their personal blogs and other published content with their profile, which definitely works in their favor. To make this active, user needs to claim authorship for the content. 5. Use catchy images To capture attention, one must use images with attractive colors that make it look appealing. Image sizes can also be altered to make the profile visually appealing. Addition of charts is also a good way get attention.

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