Effective website designing tips for e-commerce websites

No matter whether you plan to start a new e-Commerce website or your purpose is to increase the conversion rate of your already designed site? In both the cases, you need to design the layout of your website according to the latest designing trends. Here are some tips that can be of great help: Effective Website Designing Tips11
  • Users should get good shopping experience on the site that helps them to customize their shopping (listing of product; number of products displayed per page, displaying of product names to name a few).
  • Provide quick preview of the product to user. This helps users to gain knowledge about the product and proves to be effective in increasing conversions.
  • Good navigation is to be there from one page of website to another. Users never like to wait for a long time on a page. Therefore, clear-cut navigation paths should be there with the categories and sub-categories of pages.
  • Website design must be user-friendly and the colors should be easy on eyes.
  • Special emphasis to the shopping cart must be given. Use of pop ups, optimization of colors and creative designs is suggested.

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