Elements of responsive website design

If your website is not mobile compatible, you are losing on traffic! This has led to the increasing demand for responsive website designs. The idea behind making a website responsive is to make it accessible through various devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android mobile devices, desktops, netbooks etc. Here are the prominent elements of a responsive website design: Flexible layouts or grids: This feature makes a website usable on different screen resolutions. By defining right parameters for page columns and spacing, one can make website design flexible to use on any system out there. To define the space, size, and alignment, most designers rely on CSS grid systems. Flexible images: Website images, if are not flexible, can create problems in viewing, especially when they viewed through devices with small screen. In order to provide users a website with clear and complete images, it is essential to make them adjustable. Web designers use verity of tools, such as fly dynamically that help them to create images with flexibility features. Media queries: This feature allows web designers to design multiple layouts using similar content.

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