Exciting Advertising Offer From Google Adword Express!

With the new version of Google Adwords- “Google Adword Express”, launched on July-2011, local business owners have been able to make a lot of profit. With quick sign-up, pay only when ad gets clicked and little management process options; it has become a great choice for new business owners who are planning to start an online advertising campaign to reach new customers. Greeting the New Year-2013 with Great Spirit, Google has come up with a special offer of “FREE MONTH” of advertising for new business owners. As per the offer, the business owner will be able to get the exact sum of money, that he has spent on advertising, till the end of December. The sum will be credited to their account in the month of January. However, in order to avail this exciting offer, the user must be new to AdWords, have billing address in the US and sign-up with AdWords Express before December 16, 2012. Thus, it is going to be a good deal for new business owners looking to connect with customers during this competitive season.

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