Facebook to improve ranking of directly uploaded videos

The views on videos on Facebook are double now in comparison to six months ago, A representative from Facebook announced today, and this is the reason that there will be a improvement in how to rank videos in the News Feed. A good news for those who directly upload there videos on Facebook they will enjoy improvement in the rankings of their videos. Facebook wants to know what videos are most wanted amongst the users; Facebook wants to know about the interest of the users so that they can show relevant videos on the News Feed. Facebook Video Ads According to the official announcement made by Facebook it will be considering the time spent by a user on a video if the user skips the video then that video will be less shown in its News Feed. This thing also helps in personalising the News Feed based on people’s choice of watching video. Users who tend to watch more videos through News Feed should expect more videos and those who jus skips the videos will get less videos in there News Feed How it will impact the Video Links on Facebook This change will be applicable on the direct uploaded videos only the links to other websites won’t be affected by this update, for the video links of other sites Facebook is already using similar metrics to rank them in News Feed Recommendations for Pages sharing Video This improvement will enhance the reach of those videos which will be watched by more peoples and the video which will be ignored will reach fewer peoples.  

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