Fact or Myth, Search Leader Google seems bit Confused about its Latest Updates

In order to keep loggers on the pages and to grab the bigger pie of social media marketing, search leader Google keeps on updating their applications. With the same motive, last month, Google announced nearly 50 changes, but the expert brains claimed that there are no adequate and acuminate definitions to support them. The latest changes made by search leader Google were as follows: Amendments regarding Anchor Texts: in their last update, Google halted all classifiers related to anchor text. This anchor text is generally a clickable text, visible characters or words in a hyperlink. The Google teammates are of notion that there are various other methods of this particular anchor processing, which have greater chances of success. Changes made with image search: this is another change brought into the lights by search leader. When it comes to image search, landing pages as a result of image search were decided on the basis of quality of pages on which sought image will be displayed. With the talked amendment, the search will be image based and not the image page’s quality. This means, one will be getting more image results regardless to the quality of pages. Index Symbols: Prior to this amendment, Google was ignoring all punctuation marks and symbols such as #, $, @, + % or \. This was actually condemned by those website owners, who have registered their domains with a symbol, because in search queries, Google ignore all such websites. However, with these indexing symbol amendments, now Google is no longer ignoring such websites. Besides these, there are various other revisions such as navigational queries, accurate short answers, freshness’s improvements or profile page indexing, which were in the highlights. Nevertheless, the only problem experts found out were, none of these alterations were easy to clutch than the normal ones.

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