Fighting the negative SEO!

With Google becoming all the more stringent about giving rankings to the websites, it is high time that a website protects itself from negative SEO. Take a look at how to go about it and what it entails. One of the many misapprehensions associated with negative search engine optimization is that people think it is totally a link game. An important aspect that many webmasters are not necessarily taking care of is the manipulation of technical factors such as the page speed which is capable of adversely affecting a website’s SEO. Most of the attacks that are being made on sites in this context is negatively hampering page speed of the site and trying to make it slower. A lot of heavy malicious stuff is being used such as the use of injectable header, which is capable of breaking a page and even make it look like a malware so that people would refrain from visiting it. negative-seo The truth is that if search engine optimization does not only focus on link game, then why would negative SEO be all about it? The question that now arises is how to protect a site from negative attacks. We say doing that will mean constantly monitoring the inbound links and looking out for spammy pages. Keep an eye on the pages and check the code to see if it underwent any recent coding update. The best way to see if anything malicious is being put on the site is to look for any update in the code that doesn’t have any trace in the log file. Do proper examination upon noticing reduction in the site speed.

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