FTC Shuts Google’s antitrust Case, says not enough evidence!

Celebrations are underway at Mountain View, as FTC has shut down the antitrust case filed against Google. Jon Leibowitz, the Chairman of FTC, gave the statement, “the settlement follows an exhaustive investigation into Google business practices.” The results have come after 19 months of lobbying, investigation, and intense speculation. However, the outcome of this settlement has three components – 1. Google will now allow easier exporting of campaigns on AdWords to other platforms like Bing. 2. Google will also have to license Motorola standards-essential patents, at the same time not to use them as an anti-competitive strategy against its rivals 3. The most important of these is that scraping of third party content in Search Results (Yelp Case) will not be done involuntarily by Google Jon further stressed in favour of the judgement that, “the law protects competition not competitors.’ Although Mr. Leibowitz also stated that in case there is violation in the enforcement of any of the above mentioned clauses, FTC will take the required action, however his statements were perceived to be quite defensive by the media persons.

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