Google AdWords Insight Report- Opening Avenues for Advertisers

Advertisers and marketers leveraging on the advantages of Google AdWords have a reason to rejoice. Google is planning to implement higher levels of transparency that will help auctioneers to make better decisions. For instance, features such as Auction insights keep advertisers briefed about the latest strategies by keeping them informed with what the competitors are implementing. The AdWords insight report has various parameters that include impression share, average position, overlap rate, position above rate and top of page percent. The guidelines of position over rate in auction insight show how many times a competitor’s AdWords was shown in a higher position. On the other hand, the average position shows how high the ads are faring in comparison to those of the competitors. With the help of the overall parameter in the report, an advertiser bidding on keywords can see how many times they get impressions for the same keywords as compared to the others. The top of page feature tells a marketer as to how many times his ad was shown on the top of the page in case of organic search results. These features of the AdWords report helps to give a comprehensive idea to a marketer or advertiser in making important decisions relating to keywords, their placement and the budget.

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