Google all set to try hands on B2B market with the launch of Google Shopping for Suppliers

With the launch of Google Shopping for suppliers, Google is all set to try its hands on B2B market. In what seemed to be a quiet roll out, Google is trying to accommodate the unique facets of B2B selling in which supplier participation is limited on Google Shopping. Many of the policies listed in Google Shopping for Suppliers, regarding pricing and payments, shipping and returns as well as taxes do not apply or have been modified by Google, identifying the fact that in B2B transactions, suppliers often can negotiate for costs as well as discounts on the shopping. However, this feature is open for only electrical and electronics industry and although it was launched almost two weeks back, the feature is showing only in the United States. To get the benefit from this feature the supplier needs to pay a verification fee of $1,000 (for U.S. and Taiwan), HK $7500 for (for Hong Kong) and ¥6000 plus 6% VAT (for China) and become a part of the Google Verified Supplier’s list.

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