Google and Baidu search engines have a new competitor in China

‘Aliyun’ the brainchild of experts working at Alibaba (a renowned internet company in China) is the newest addition to the list of search engines existing in China. The launch comes as a part of the Alibaba Group’s subsidiary ‘AliCloud’. The search engine offers standard features such as Internet, Images, News, as well as Maps (courtesy AutoNavi). It is one of the most highly anticipated launches of recent times in the Chinese internet market and the engine is expected to give completion to the search engine giants like Baidu and Google. Experts expect that Google, which has only a tiny share in Chinese search engine market (almost 5%) is going to be affected the most with this launch. In terms of appearance and functionality of the SERP, this new entrant seems to be much closer to Google than Baidu. However, whether Aliyun will succeed or not, only time will tell. All we can say for now is that Alibaba, definitely, has kept some long-terms goals in their mind with this launch.

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