“Google does not have any issue in indexing HTTPS Content”- Matt Cutts

Website owners can breathe a huge sigh of relief after reading the recent comments of Matt Cutts (Google’s head of search spam). In his comments, Matt confirmed that Google does not have any problem in indexing the HTTPS content. Theoretically speaking, if you choose to switch your website from HTTP to HTTPS, then the referrer data will pass from the Google HTTPS to your website & analytics (if you are running HTTPS as the default on your domain). Since, Google had recently switched to HTTPS on Google search by default, which had raised a lot of concerns; the comments come as interesting news for the web-developers. One thing that you must keep in mind here is, although popular websites like Twitter, Facebook and Google now have default many of their services to HTTPS, but if you do not have ample space on the server, then this might not be a good option. Wondering why? Well, switching to HTTPS takes up takes more processing power on server and thus can slow down the loading time of your website. So, you need to reconsider the option.

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