Google fundamentals for promoting websites on modern devices

Many times users have to face annoyance while browsing websites on modern devices like smartphones and iPhones. Nothing except a blank page or miss out large portion of content is there, when accessing those unsupportive sites. This is because such sites are not compatible enough to run on modern devices and thus require browser technologies to work properly. For example, website supporting flash images when browsed on iPhone may appear with an alert message “Uses flash. May not work on your device.” flash-serp-note Fortunately, making those websites work on modern devices, web developers are using HTML 5. In addition to this, two other resources, which are used by webmasters, are:
  • Web fundamentals: Modern practices like use of multi device tools, forms and user input, images, audio and video and device access etc. are used for multi-device web development.
  • Web starter kit: A framework that comprise of living component style guide, cross-device synchronization, page speed insights reporting, built in HTTP server and performance optimization is done to make the website according to the web fundamentals.
By following these aforementioned considerations, a responsive website is created, which easily runs on different devices, as well as makes it search engine friendly. In addition to this, web masters make sure that no pages are blocked from crawling by using robots.txt. Once search engine finds a site with responsive web design configuration, it considers it for indexing and makes it rank in search engine result pages SERP.

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