Google Is Back With A Bang!

No, there isn’t any Panda/Penguin updates this time; rather Google has fulfilled an old promise! Do you remember Matt Cutts’ (head of Spam-Google) promise around two years back? He said that Google is after all those phony websites with exact match domains. Yes, this is the promise that has been fulfilled, and the websites with exact match domains, have been penalized. Although Matt claims that only 0.6% of the English-US search results have been affected by this change, but if you have a look at the webmaster forums, it would appear as if everyone is in trouble. Like always, Google’s official confirmation confidently claims that only website that had compromised with the quality of content and relevancy, have been punished, but if the hullabaloo is to be believed, then it must be acknowledged that even many good websites (with good content) have also been penalized.

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