Google is Coming Up Soon with Project Glasses

Don’t tell me that you are a Googler and you never heard anything about, “Project Glasses”, the one on which the search leader is spending millions and on what Google pundits are doing researches from dawn to dusk. How about if we say that now your eye wears would be replacing your camera mobile phones, iPads, GPRS systems and reminder notebooks? All you need to do is, wear these Project glasses and allow these to project your daily routine, as you want it to be. How these eyeglasses will change your world? These glasses can do everything that Google can do, or the crux of these glasses is you will be wearing Google on your eyes. The awesome applications that we access through Google or mobile phones in our day-to-day life, like locating a place on maps, having walking or driving directions about routes Struggle that we do to find an easy alternative, in case of any emergency or service suspension, Live streaming about traffic and road conditions (current traffic conditions), while driving Weather reports and forecast Taking and making calls to friends, both video and simple Capturing and sharing pictures, sending multimedia messages, Is not amazing? Now the biggest questions that might be hitting the corner of your brain are, “what colours these glasses will be, how much will it weigh, how expensive will they be, is there any place you can test them and so on,” but you need to hold down your heart beat, because the experts says that there is no particular answer to these questions asked, and its launching before this year end is simply a dream.

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