Google maps now available for Spain, Slovakia, Bulgaria and 7 other European countries!

Google recently announced that they have expanded their Google Maps service to 10 more countries in Europe that includes Spain, Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia, Andorra, Gibraltar, Latvia and Slovenia. This takes the total country count (that are availing this service) to 40, where you can get benefit from this amazing service from Google. In answer to the question that how do they do it? Google’s officials replied that they collect the data from reliable sources and then compile it and use advanced algorithmic techniques on this data. To make it more effective, supplemental data from satellite, street view imagery and aerial view is used. Finally, a human input is added to it to create a map which can be as close to real world as possible. So, now whether you are in Spain or Latvia or any of the other aforementioned regions, you do not need to wait for Google to correct any problem link that you are facing in that area. Rather, you can directly approach Google to report the issue. Google has given the name Ground Truth to this project, where they have committed to create a comprehensive map of the world.

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