Google Pledges To Fight Spam Worldwide!

We all know that Google has been in a fight against spam since always, but this was evidently conveyed by the head of the anti-spam department of Google, Matt Cutts. Undoubtedly, the World Wide Web facilitates internet users by providing them access to the wide network of informative websites, but on the other hand, some of these websites pretense serious risks to the web safety concerns. Google has been fighting web spamming on consistently in order to keep the search results relevant for the users. Google has been constantly working on new anti-spam algorithms in order to fight against the various tricks and methods used by web spammers over internet. According to Matt Cutts latest announcements against spam battle, Google with it spam tracking algorithms (penguin and Panda) is making regular efforts to stop spamming on international level. He states, Google’s fighting spam overs 40 plus countries around the world. He also said that although spam in any language is bad for pleasant user surfing experience, but English spam is Google’s priority.

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