Google to soon consider HTTPS a ranking parameter

Security has always been Google’s top priority, which is why it makes lot of investment to make sure their services employs strong security like HTTPS encryption. This encryption ensures users that they have a secure connection when using Gmail, Google Drive or simple search option. They have also been working on helping websites fix and avoid security breaches. Now Google has decided to go further into security aspect, especially seeing more and more websites are going for HTTP encryption. To encourage websites everywhere to increase their safety Google is now running some tests. The test takes into account which websites are using encrypted and secure connection. HTTPS Secure Socket Layer Encrypted connection is now being considered a parameter by ranking algorithms. After analyzing positive results, HTTPS will now be used as ranking signal. Right now Google has now placed as much weight into HTTPS as a factor into search rankings, as it places on high-quality content. It wants to give webmasters enough time to switch to better security. This is why it has only affected as little as one percent of results. However, once this period passes, it will strengthen this aspect gradually. The search engine is actively encouraging everyone around the world to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to make users feel safer while using internet.

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