Google too Google for Improving Search Experience at

Righteously claimed by search honcho Google, “it is not only our users who Google, we also Google for our users in order to make their search experience as comfortable and genuine as we can”.  This is why the search leader keeps on introducing new applications and updating its algorithms, for ensuring the best search experience.  Let us explore few of the latest updates made by the search giant. No trickier website’s ranking, no more useless web content and multilingual support The search leader banged the search world with its latest algorithms and is now working on some modified classifiers, which will ensure that low quality and irrelevant web content will be automatically excluded from the fresh content’s listing. It simply means, now websites neither can grab tricky clicks (traffic) nor they can trick users with low quality information. In addition to these, Google is now internationalized; now the search engine has sunset and sunrise feature, which will cater in more than 30 languages. Google now understands what you looking for: When someone searches about Jaguar, Google always wondered whether one is searching for       Jaguar — the Car or Jaguar — the Animal? But with the latest updates, now Google understands what it has to offer as results. Now Google is using a “better query interpretation”, which will return results on the bases of few last searches made. There is another update, which was pioneered by this search leader, of auto correction, where Google will itself correct the spelling in case of a wrongly spelled search request is hurled in haste. Besides this, there are many more updates that prove that Google also Google for improving search experience of its users at

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