Google Webmaster tools are over-boarded with queries related to Black Hat Issues!

Contrary to the common opinion that unnatural linking is the most commonly reported issue on the Google Webmaster tools, Matt Cutts (the head of search spam for Google) said that more than 90% of the messages received from webmaster tool are black hat issues. Talking in terms of statistics, Matt said that more than700, 000 messages were received within the first two months of this year on the webmaster tool, which most of the webmasters believed are related to link notifications. However, only 3 %of all those (i.e. 25000), were related to back-linking. The rest of them (approximately 600,000) came in response to the problem of black hat related issues. The notification came in the form of a video, in which Matt reported all the above mentioned information and gave the web users a clear idea as to what is the biggest problem for which Google is facing maximum queries received on Google Webmaster.

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