Google’s Help Center for Hacked Sites

Talking about Google’s latest launch in the form of a help center for hacked sites, Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google, said in a video, “We wanted to connect our capability to detect and alert site owners of their hacked sites with improved resources to help them recover.” Maile posted in his blog,” while we attempt to outline the necessary steps in recovery, each task remains fairly difficult for site owners unless they have advanced knowledge of system administrator commands and experience with source code.” Google had been letting the site owners know when their site has been hacked. However, with this help center the site owners in fixing the site and getting the warnings removed from Google’s search results. The help center will provide the content in the form of readable articles and videos that give detailed information on why and how the sites get hacked and also how to recover the site after it has been hacked.

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