Google’s Impact On Digital Marketing Guidelines!

In last one year (Nov 2011- Nov 2012), the world of digital marketing has witnessed sea changes. Because of these amendments, while few websites from nowhere attained top ranking, there were few other big websites that slipped down in ranking. Let’s have a glance at few of the major changes brought by Google that had a significant impact on the internet marketing styles and strategies: Penguin: Google was always against unauthentic links. Taking initiative in this regard, Google came up with ‘Penguin’ on April 24th. It strictly deals with all those websites that boast of low quality linking. Panda: Though Google Panda has been updated 13 times since 2011, but in the year 2012, Panda went onto an altogether different level and penalized all those website that have been enjoying top ranking by the help of low quality content. Over optimization: New updates have made GoogleBot smarter. Now, it (in an ounce of time) penalizing all those pages that have too many keywords and links. Penalize EMD: Google started penalizing exact match domains! This was more of fulfilling an old promise than an update. We all know that time to time, Google has been hinting webmasters not to go for EMDs. Fixed ads: Earlier, there weren’t any rules for publishing of ads, because of which content was often sidelined. With updates associated to ad publishing, visibility of content improved.

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