Google’s latest expansion in Gmail search results. What is it?

Back in August 2012, Google had announced that it has come up with a field test with which the content of your Gmail account will come in the search results. For instance, if you had a flight confirmation mail in your inbox, Google would show you the list of upcoming flight for you in the search results. However, so far the option is available to only a limited number of users in the United States and the whole process is still underway. In their latest announcement, Google’s representative said, “we have expanded the search from only flight reservations to cover searches for event registrations, hotel reservations as well as purchases and orders.” In the statement made by Google representative, further it was mentioned that if a person has booked through OpenTable, then the holiday plans and booking details for the reservations could be obtained through the search results in [My Hotel Reservations]. Similarly to obtain the information of the concerts from Ticketmaster or even Eventbrite, you can search for my events and get all the information.

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