Google’s Latest Panda Update Impacted Almost 0.8% Of All The Search Queries!

Well, the news that Google ran a new update recently has been confirmed. Google’s correspondent told that they ran an update in their Panda Algorithm on November 21st. When correspondent from Google was asked about the update one day prior, 20th November, it was told that there has not been any update but they gave the signs that the algorithm is going to be refreshed within the coming weeks. However, Google surprised all with the update coming just one day later. This latest change came within three weeks of last Panda Update that was made on 5th November which left an impact on almost 1.1% of English queries. However, the officials of Google confirmed that this update has impacted around 0.8% the queries that a user might be able to notice. This has been the 22nd update that has been tracked, to be rolled out by Google that has made a significant impact on the web world.

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