Google’s New Panda 4.1 Update Rollin Out

Google has released another Panda update. Although it is being called as a ‘slow rollout’, it is expected to hit 3-5% of search queries. It will specifically target thin or poor content ranking well in the Google search results. This update started earlier this week and will persist into next week. Opportunity for some, but problem for others! Websites hit by the previous versions of Panda stand a fair chance to get back in the business, if they have rectified on the concerns pointed out. On the other hand, it also brings the chances of leaving its impact on new website, which were not affected by Panda previously. If you notice an unexpected decrease in the traffic, most likely this new Panda update is the reason behind it. panda About that Number Panda 4.0 was the last update by Google, thus this one is the Panda4.1.

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