Google’s updated travel search tools – are they going to leave an impact this time?

Over the past 12 months, Google has been trying to improve its search engine tools. Some of the improvements made are as follows – For people who are looking to fly cheaper, the service like Flight explorer Information about the international flights & costs Hotel Finder Product, for ratings and pricings of hotels However, none so far has made an impact as expected. Keeping all these things behind, in a recent post on their blog, Google has posted some of the recent updates that include improvement in Flight Search and Hotel Finder tool. The update also confirms enhancement of mobile search related tools as well. These updates have come after the acquisition of ITA (a travel software provider company) by Google and are going to leave a big impact on the web world, as expected by experts. In the words of Priceline Kayak (a part of anti-Google coalition) CEO,” if Google continues to improve its travel search offerings regularly, then it can turn the tables for its competitors already established in the field of travel search.”

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