Hot Shot Tips for Tackling Website’s Bounce Rate Problem

Bounce rate is the measure of how many people come to a website and leave without checking out any other page. It is truly the most basic expression of discontent that your website visitors can give you. The visitors come, puke and leave. Bounce rate shows that your website has been ranked for a keyword, which is not at all useful for your targeted audiences. Google and other major search engines will either push your site down or eliminate it out of search result listings. A website’s bounce rate can be easily tracked with tools such as Google Analytics. Such tools can reveal you the bounce rates of different webpages of your site, how the visitor come to your site, how the bounce rate altered over time and other information so you can dig into where you may have a leak. Here are some tips for tackling with website’s bounce rate problem:
  • Have a Swifter Loading Page: Lazy loading is said to be one of the key reasons that cause users to hit “back” button. If you want to sustain in the virtual world ensure that the loading of your website does not take much time of your visitors.
  • Have a Clutter-Free Website: If you monetise your site with advertisements, find a balance. Too many ads will likely make your bounce rate dangerously high.
  • Study Your Keywords: It is wise to check for which keywords your website is being ranked. Moreover, check your anchor texts, back-links and other sources that are bringing traffic to your webpage.
  • Give utmost importance to content and make related content easily accessible
  • Have a “Search Box” on your Website: Let visitors tell you what they want and do not make them navigate or scout for it.
  • Last but Not the Least, Define the Next Action: Make navigation on your website as easy as possible. If visitors experience trouble finding what they are scouting for, they will just leave the website.

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