How Bootstrap Empowers Web Designing To Deliver Brilliant Results?

Bootstrap is one of the most popular and powerful frameworks for the front end web development. It is an open source framework that uses hypertext markup language (HTML), cascading style sheets (CSS), and JavaScript (JS) for website development. It is used for creating faster, responsive, and SEO friendly websites. How Bootstrap Empowers Web Designing To Deliver Brilliant Results Developers can build mobile friendly responsive projects that are compatible with all devices. Below mentioned are the top 7 features of Bootstrap– Templates & themes – Developers get multiple templates and themes with it, in which they can make changes according to their project. It helps you to make better websites. Navigation bars – You get multiple choices in navigation bars that you can use in your website. There are fixed, static, and customized options that can be added in projects. Dashboard – It offers structure for dashboard with built in navigation and sidebars. HTML tool – You can use tool (Bootlint) to identify errors in HTML code. It will ensure that your website has flawless code. Supported browsers – It is engineered to provide support for different devices’ screens and browsers. It provides support for various platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac OS X. It provides support for different browsers in these platforms such as Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. HTML & CSS – It allows developers to add various HTML and CSS components like tables, typography, forms, media objects, buttons (of different sizes and state) and dropdowns in their projects. It provides an advanced grid system for this purpose. This system includes columns, classes, and gutters for developers. You can develop mobile friendly sites with these components. JavaScript – Developers can add aspects like transition, button, scrollspy, tooltips, and tabs to enhance websites. However, it does not officially support third party libraries. You can download it in either precompiled or source code form. You can also immobilize the responsiveness of this framework according to the requirements of your project.

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