How CakePHP Offers Improved Functionality and Better Security?

The extensive outreach and effectiveness of PHP is needless to be discussed. We all very well know how powerful it has evolved to be. To further sophisticate the potential of PHP, more and more developers are using CakePHP, a framework that was released in April 2005. It was developed by taking inspiration from different concepts such as Model-View-Controller, Ruby on Rails, Front Controller, Active Record etc. CakePHP is bliss for PHP developers in many ways, but improved functionality and better security are the most prominent reasons why they love it. Let us better understand in what ways it offers improved functionality and better security. cakephp web development expert Functionality In built options – It offers many inbuilt features like authentication, database access, templates, and validation that are very useful for developers. Features like code generation and app scaffolding make coding easy for developers, so that they can focus on the creative part of PHP project. Lack of configuration makes web development more simple and fun. Compatibility with the latest versions of PHP – CakePHP is compatible with the 5.2.8 and greater versions of PHP language. This compatibility makes it possible for developers to work with latest technology and develop better web applications. License flexibility – This software us licensed under the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) license. It makes licensing in this software flexible and simple, which is a bonus for all developers especially for the commercial and professional ones. Plugins – IT professionals can create, use and install plugins in CakePHP. In the latest release, new plugin of cake bake command was added in the CakePHP. With this plugin, it became easier for developers to introduce new configuration options and many more. Security Security of websites or web applications is usually an issue with PHP frameworks. But CakePHP is one of the most secured and safest PHP frameworks in world. It provides multiple security options that help developers in creating secure and strong web applications. For security, this software provides several in built features such as SQL injection prevention, CSRF protection, XSS prevention, input validation, form tampering protection and many more. It also controls the HTTP methods a developer is using. It also controls the cross controller communication in web applications. Security features of this software helps IT professionals in developing more secured and stronger web applications. Whenever a security issues emerges in this framework, its professional team immediately starts working on solving that issue. CakePHP also offers helpers for new developers. These helpers provide help in different topics such as AJAX, HTML forms and JavaScript etc. This framework is considered one of the reliable and secured softwares in PHP field. It is both, strong and flexible at the same time. Multiple security options, built in features and MVC architecture etc., make web development easy for IT professionals. Latest versions of this amazing software are released from time to time. The latest version of CakePHP (3.0.0-RC1) was released on January 2, 2015. This version offers improved error identification and many new plugins.

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