How HTTPS Benefits Website’s Ranking In SERPs?

Recently, Google has discovered that use of HTTPS has great benefits for websites. Although it is not a ranking factor, but definitely yes, it is an approach to boost the ranking of site in Search Engine Result Pages. Looking into the benefits, recently a survey was conducted, which has found that twenty four percent of webmasters are planning to change their website communication protocol from HTTP TO HTTPS. Besides security reason, there are few additional SEO benefits of using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, which prominently include-
    More defined referrer log
Referrer can be search engines, ads, blogs that drives visits and visitors to a website. Marketers can easily view the referrer log and determine from where does the site is getting quality links. However, this is only possible, if site is using HTTPS because referral information can only be secured by this means (as traffic coming from a secure HTTPS site to a non-secure HTTP site gets skipped off).
    Boost in ranking
With use of HTTPS, many websites have experienced ranking boost, which is surely a great advantage for businesses that wanted to gain high position in SERP.
    Security benefit
Using of HTTPS for site yields benefit like security, privacy and ranking boost. Various ways by which security is provided to websites using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure are:
  • All communication is encrypted, which helps keep all essential information like credit card numbers, name address of customers secure.
  • Safeguard site from unwanted attacks by hackers.
However, to reap the benefits of HTTPS, there are few challenges that are to be met by internet marketers. Following are few of those:
    Overcome of errors
Changing site to HTTPS, requires a lot of editions, which might cause errors. Following are few aspects to be looked into in order to avoid those errors, following are few of those:
  • URL’S should not be blocked in robots.txt
  • Canonical tags needs to be placed right
  • No warnings should come on site
    Loading time of site
As communication is to be built between servers when using HTTPS, website loading speed usually gets slow down. Thus, experts need to use best techniques that will not hamper the speed of website, alongside would be able to handle HTTPS. Website load-friendly technologies like SPDY makes sites speed even more than before.
    Charges to switch to HTTPS
Many webmasters use to pay a heavy sum for using HTTPS, but there is no need of it when it can be done without paying any cost. Be prepared for adverse effects Security and ranking are the prime benefits of using HTTPS, there are few drawbacks as well towards which webmasters need to pay attention to. To name a few problems that might occur are:
  • Face problem while using webmaster tools because of incapability of HTTPS to support it
  • Earning graph gets lower down
  • Older web applications do not support HTTPS URLs
Despite of the drawbacks, more and more companies are using this protocol because of its benefits which are more beneficial for their business. According to the BuiltWith statistics, the percentage of sites using this protocol is more and is expected to increase in coming future. In addition to switching to HTTPS, experienced web marketers suggest few other SEO implementations that will be beneficial for businesses. To name a few are:
  • Use of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure for WordPress
  • Deploy it correctly
  • Switch for free
Companies who are making using of this approach or are thinking to use it, tend to get confuse in wide range of SSL certificates. But out of countless of certificates, there are two primary SSL certificate on which attention is needed to be paid: 1. The most standard level of certificate is standard validation SSL 2. The highest level of validation is Extended Validation SSL Though website owing SSL certificate makes no difference today, but yes, it might prove to be beneficial in future. However, for the time being, there is only difference in the web browser address. Following few other SEO approaches that are helpful for increasing ranking of website:
  • Widgets, java script, CSS files and images should be used with HTTPS
  • Never miss out to link canonical tags with HTTPS
  • URL using HTTP must use 301 redirect to HTTPS
  • Update robots.txt
  • Register the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure with Google and Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Update Google analytic tracking code
  • Update sitemaps
  • In order to make site crawl well use fetch and render function in webmaster tools
All in all, experienced internet marketing experts suggests switching to HTTPS, as it will help your business to gain benefits of security, credibility and ranking in SERPs.

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