How is the PLA Transition going to impact businesses?

Well, the highly anticipated Product Listing Ads transition by Google, from ‘free to paid’ is finally complete. As expected, the transition is going to have a huge impact on small local as well as large business owners in the same manner. Unlike the ads listed in paid searches, the shopping results in PLA’s do not list as advertisements. This transition is being looked as Google’s efforts to de-clutter the shopping experience of web users. In the words of Erick Barney, VP of Marketing at Motorcycle Superstore (MCSS) (the firm has been Google Shopping space since many years),” PLAs represent Google’s effort to reduce the clutter in the Shopping experience. By charging for clicks, companies need to have a strategy surrounding product submission, feed optimization, and bid management.” Further adding to his comments, Mr. Barney said, “There is no point in getting hung up on the cost of PLAs. It is what it is. We should be grateful we got all those free clicks for so many years.” One thing that we need to mentioned here is that MCCS has benefited from these paid aids as well as per the latest PLA transitions.

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