How profiles and web pages on Google plus get advantage in search results?

According to Mark Traphagen, on sharing someone’s post on your Google plus profile helps in improving its ranking in search index of Google. Such shared posts enjoy high rankings than the original posts. The rankings improve in the case when you share a post of a person who has more followers than you. Sharing posts of such high ranked profiles help in improving ranking of your profile.Google+ Internal sources Earlier, a large number of users noticed that their profiles showed Google page rank in toolbar Page Rank tools but suddenly toolbar PageRank stopped showing these tools. It all happened due to change in URL structure of Google plus. The question that remained unanswered is how Google plus profiles and pages earn page rank? Mentioned below are internal and external sources of Google plus page rank that will give an answer to your question. Internal sources Google plus is a social network, and Google assesses profile authority through connections that exist on a Google plus profile.  In addition to this, Google also make use of links from regular pages to evaluate authority of the pages. External sources Once Google assigns page ranks to Google plus profiles, the links from external sources or web pages also help in building authority of Google plus entities.

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