How PubSubHubbub Protocol is Helping Online Publishers and Subscribers?

Yesterday, John Mueller shared a link on his Google+ profile about PubSubHubbub. PubSubHubbub is a webhook-based protocol that allows publishers in notifying their subscribers about every RSS/Atom feed. PubSubHubbub is a very effective protocol that has made the notification process a lot simpler. Subscribers submit their request to hubs and publishers, to get updates on a certain topic. Every user provides an endpoint URL to which notifications are sent. After their request is verified, subscriber (whether person or a program) gets notified for the topics they are interested in. Every time, when resource URL or topic is updated, a notification is sent to all subscribers. Hub plays a very important role in this process. Hubs receive subscription requests from subscribers, verification requests, give endpoint URL to resource URL, and post updates etc. Every blog that is served by WordPress and uses this open protocol. Several other renowned platforms such as MySpace and Tumblr are also using this protocol.

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