How SEO can be used for Reputation management?

For a long time, Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Search Engine Optimization were considered as two different methods of Digital Marketing. Even till date, not many know that these two terms are highly interconnected. While ORM is the strategy to fight misinformation about a businesses or someone important in the business, SEO is the very popular way to get more traffic on a website by improving its visibility in the SERPs. What is the Relationship between SEO and reputation management An effective SEO strategy is the key feature to good reputation management. If applied in an effective way, it enhances the output of a reputation management strategy and gives brilliant results. If you start exploring your ORM campaign from the SEO perspective, things will look simpler to you. For instance, the primary term of your reputation management campaign is the keyword for which you need better rankings for the content (it could be your official website, your social media profiles, etc.) that correctly informs your audience about your business. How To Get Excellent ORM Results Through SEO?
  • Post positive content- Social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook are very powerful tools and carry a lot of SEO power. Fuel these channels with frequent updates that share right information about what you do, how your company is better than your competitors.
  • Drafting a dedicated content marketing campaign for ORM also does wonders.
  • Monitoring people’s opinion- Keep a track of all the comments, views and opinions of your audience about you brand. It will give you great ideas about how your brand is perceived and accordingly you can improve in that particular area that is targeted most by the people.
  • Optimize your official website- There is no way you can always stay at the top of all the misinformation about your business, unless you have a well-optimized site. Make sure it has relevant Meta tags, and other SEO elements.

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