How to use images on websites, for best optimization?

Right selection and placement of images on the website helps to drive more traffic toward it via image search. Not many people are thoroughly aware of the fact that website images contribute a lot to the organic search results. You know it or not, it is vital to make right use of images on the site, in order to get better optimization results. For that, it is vital to use “alt” tag to add accurate description about the image. Here is an example to use alt tag: HTML opening tag(<) img ="image name" title="Image title" src="Image path" alt="put description of the image here- this is what search engine look for" width="" height="" (/>)HTML closing tag You must use alt tag for each of the images used on your site. It is important to mention here that you must write descriptive content, with complete relevancy. Always remember, image optimization is absolutely necessary part of Search Engine Optimization process.

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