Important information to recover from various versions of Google Panda Update!

Google panda updates are introduced to improve the quality of search engine results so that users are provided with the unique, original, and informatory content. You need to be worried about such updates because they directly affect the way you get traffic on your website! Lets’ have a quick look on what Google Panda aims at. It targets those websites which provide useless content, have loads of advertisements on their web pages, reckless web design, or websites that do not have fresh content. Here are some tips that will help you to control the potential damages and survive under the Panda Updates:
  • Panda is kicking away the sites flooded with useless content. Therefore, concentrate to improve the content quality because even few low quality pages of your seemingly high quality website can harm you by Panda quality measures.
  • Pages like 404 errors are on the top of the Panda target list. Use efficient tools to fix broken links.
  • Google consider the addition of identical Meta descriptions and keywords, as duplicate. Therefore, be smart while creating Meta descriptions and keywords.
  • Be patient about posting ads. Because Goggle appreciates websites that do not have plentiful of ads.

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