iOS or Android App? A Big Question To Ponder!

If you have decided that time has come for your own a business app, you have now a bigger decision to make. Which operating system would you prefer for development of your application: Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS? Take a look at three crucial factors that may help you making the correct decision: Revenue vs. Visibility– As an entrepreneur, you need to decide what your priorities are. Android is perfect for maximum visibility because of its huge market share. On the other hand, Apple’s App Store has numerous apps that generate enough revenue. Generally, revenue precedes over visibility! iOS vs Android SSS Using Benefits of Fragmentation– Developing an app for android is more composite, because you have to consider the compatibility with more than 400 types of android phones in market. On the other hand, things are simpler with Apple. Even though, with iO7, Apple too has moved towards fragmentation, and many features are available on particular handsets only, still it is an advisable choice. Targeted Audience: Another critical factor to consider here is whether your customers prefer using iOS or Android. Depending on your audience’s preferences, you need to make the choice.

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